Trap Shooting Events

2024 Tuesday and Wednesday Summer Trap Leagues

Trap Shooting Events

Each team may have ten members and they all can shoot each week with the best five scores used for the team's entry that week. Also the team can shoot on any league night or Sunday for that week's score.

2024 Tuesday & Wednesday Night Summer Trap Leagues

Tuesday Format:   ATA type classes, teams compete against other teams in their same class. At the start each team will shoot the first two weeks at 16 yards and the next two at 20 yards. After those four weeks, the teams will be divided into classes AA, A, B, C ... the next eight weeks will be shot at 16 yards followed by the last eight shooting at 20 yards.
Wednesday Format:   Incrementing distances every four weeks -- starting at 16 yards and moving out to 20 yards. After the first two weeks, the teams will be arranged into two tiers. For this league, we use an individual shooter handicap system which is calculated as 80% of the difference between your average and 24. Your handicap score cannot exceed 24 unless you actually shoot a 25. Each team competes against all the other teams within the same tier.
Time:   Shooting starts at 5:30pm.
Cost:   The cost for each shooter is TBD per week. There is a one-time team fee for the Tuesday League of TBD per team with an additional TBD for each team member over seven (7), and the Wednesday League is TBD per team member.
Captain's Meetings:   Tuesday March 12th, and Wednesday March 13th at 7:00PM.
Warm-Up Night:   Tuesday April 2nd and Tuesday April 3rd.
Starts:   April 9th and 10th, continues for 20 weeks.
Banquet:   August 27th and 28th with the cost included in the weekly shoot fee!

2023 Wednesday Night Fall Trap League

Format:   This is a 50-bird league. Each week the team will start with 25 birds at 16 yards then move back to the team average plus 2 yards. Every team competes against all the other teams, the increased yardage is the equalizer.
Time:   Shooting starts at 5:30pm.
Cost:   The cost for each shooter is TBD per week. There is a one-time team fee of TBD per team, with a maximum of seven shooters.
Starts:   August 30th continues for 8 weeks.
Banquet:   October 25th

2023 - 2024 Sunday Afternoon Winter Trap League

Format:   No team needed! This is a 20 round individual league!! Shoot ahead, shoot behind!!!
Time:   Shooting 11:00pm to 4:00pm.
Cost:   $12.00 per round.
Starts:   Starting December 3rd and continues to February 25th.
Banquet:   TBA